How much difference does great sales/presales teamwork make?

It’s no coincidence that the industry’s top salespeople are practically joined at the hip with the best presales engineers. Presales engineers can provide sales teams with advantages they can’t get anywhere else. Big advantages like visibility, credibility, access.

But many presales engineers don’t fully exploit these advantages. They miss big opportunities to help sell.

And too many salespeople underplay the presales position on their teams. They pass up the account visibility and sales traction that partnering with presales engineers could give them.

At TractionBuilders, we help more sales teams use the power of the presales role to drive revenue. More presales engineers think and sell strategically. And more salespeople partner with them to turn their natural advantages into powerful sales weapons.

Hunting as teams, they:

  • Understand sales situations faster and more clearly, helping them avoid time wasters and focus on their best opportunities
  • Build stronger trust, faster, allowing them to stand out from tougher competition
  • Bolster prospects' confidence in success, reducing stalled sales cycles and "no decisions"
  • Keep evaluations focused and on track to shorten sales cycles
Sales Managers: 

Get your salespeople more visibility and sales traction by turning more of your presales engineers into strategic sales weapons.

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Pre-Sales Managers : 

Get more salespeople to work with your presales engineers like partners. Avoid the missed opportunities and self-inflicted wounds from spotty teamwork. 

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