About TractionBuilders

Presales engineers have always had an important role in the complex sales process. Over time the influence and impact of their role has grown. Today, it is arguably critical to success. Presales engineers can give sales teams advantages that are unavailable any other way.

We believe that sales teams who make better use of the presales position will enjoy strong advantages over those that don't.

Some presales engineers are already strategic sales weapons, providing much more than technical support. They are invaluable at helping salespeople understand complex account situations, standing out from the competition, and helping give prospects the confidence they need to commit.

But many more presales engineers aren’t quite there yet, for a variety of reasons.

We have found that many, if not most, presales engineers can quickly learn to think and sell much more like the ‘naturals’ already do.

We have studied how the best presales engineers work as strategic sales partners with salespeople. We have identified those core attitudes and skills they use to consistently win. And we have built programs to quickly transfer these perspectives and skills to others.  

The TractionBuilders mission is to spread the best practices of the most effective presales engineers more widely across sales organizations. The goal is to drive more revenue by better using the ‘unfair’ advantages of that presales role.  

About the Founder

Phillip Greene, Founder of TractionBuildersTractionBuilders was founded by Phillip Greene in 2002.

Greene spent twenty-five years leading field sales organizations for software companies like Oracle, Cognos, and MicroStrategy. His career included the early years at Oracle, the database wars, and three successful IPO's.

The concept for TractionBuilders came from seeing the tremendoous difference that sales/technical teamwork made in over 1000 enterprise software sales cycles. 

The most successful sales teams always had the best presales engineers.

But as important as this presales role was, it was mostly left to chance. Presales engineers and salespeople were expected to figure it out over time in the field. There was nothing that clearly laid out how presales engineers could use their positions to best help the team sell.

Greene developed a series of programs to help more presales engineers 'get' sales and sell more strategically. Imporantly, these programs also help more salespeople work effectively with them as partners.

The flagship program, Proving Value, has been used around the world, with an unbroken track record of helping software sales teams use the advantages of presales consultants to drive more revenue.