Are these the kind of challenges you face?

"Scheduling presales support is becoming more and more of a headache. Incomplete, ambiguous, and conflicting information is making it harder to see where our resources really need to go."

"Evaluations are taking longer and getting more expensive. Prospects often add new requirements and people to the process. Success is a moving target, tying up our resources and adding risks."

"It is harder to demonstrate or explain our unique value. Competition has closed the gap in many areas. Their demos look just like ours. We get into feature battles, and have to discount aggressively to win."

"We go into too many demos under-prepared. Some salespeople schedule demo's, then 'prepare' for ten minutes in the prospect's lobby. Standard demos don't differentiate us from our competition."

"We still get lured into supporting too many time-wasters. Sometimes prospects want free education. Or salespeople want to 'just get in the door'. We have spent weeks on evaluations that end with 'Thanks, but no thanks.'

"Some presales consultants don't quite understand business or selling. Salespeople resist using them for demos and presentations. How can we help them 'get it'?"

If you have these same challenges, we understand your frustration and may be able to help.