Frequently Asked Questions

These are a few of the most common questions we hear from our clients and prospects. If you have a question for us, send us an e-mail today.

Will this program produce better demonstrations and presentations?

Absolutely. Research shows that even the most skillful presentations are counterproductive if they don't focus on the specific issues most important to the prospect. This program helps presales engineers understand situations faster and more clearly, and focus on what the prospect believes is most important.

We already use a sales methodology. How would Proving Value™ help us?

Proving Value can make any major methodology more effective by boosting visibility and traction.

Our clients use Solution Selling™, Strategic Selling™, CustomerCentric Selling™, SPIN Selling™, Target Marketing™, and others*. Each of these methodologies stresses the importance of getting the clearest, most complete view of every prospect's situation in order to create business value. They also emphasize how essential trusted advisor relationships are to success. The Proving Value™ team selling tactics increase situational awareness and create more prospect confidence and trust, giving complex sales methodologies more traction.

Proving Value™ focuses on the 'middle' of your sales process. It concentrates on deeper qualification, building trust, and proving your value proposition.

And we zero in on the advantages that Presales Consultants can bring to the team. It is a 70/30 presales/sales perspective, where most sales methodologies are more like 30/70.

When and where are these workshops available?

The Proving Value Workshops are built around individual client objectives, and given onsite at their locations. They have been held in the Americas, Europe, and Asia/Pacific.

There are no public Proving Value Workshops.

How do you price the workshops?

We have a per-seat pricing model, based upon the number of Presales Consultants.  This per-seat charge covers the preparation and customization, as well as follow-up sessions. There is no charge for the salespeople who attend at the beginning and end of the session. Pricing is competitive with first-rate public seminars.  Volume pricing is available for corporate commitments. Payment terms are flexible enough to accomodate most budgeting scenarios.  Results are guaranteed.

How small a group will you accept? How large a group can you handle?

Our model accomplishes both large scale rollouts and individual focus.

We have learned that limiting the size of individual workshops has a dramatically positive effect on the results.  We break up workshops when they go beyond a dozen presales consultants in any one session. Smaller groups foster candid conversations about critical real life issues. 

But the Proving Value Workshop™ has been successfully rolled out to large field sales forces, with hundreds of attendees, in under ninety days.

How do others justify the cost of the program in today's 'no-spending' environment?

Increased license revenues. Our clients have experienced shorter sales cycles, higher win rates, larger transactions, and fewer 'no decisions'. Any ONE of these benefits more than pays for the program - quickly. 

This program strikes at the heart of what is frustrating most sales organizations. Understanding account situations more clearly and earlier in the process has become critical. Building more trust is the new way to stand out from competition. And motivating prospects to commit, to buy, is more difficult and important than ever.

Presales engineers have big potential advantages in all these areas. But many sales teams are not using them effectively. This workshop generates more power in each of these critical aspects.

Very few things are more worthwhile, more justifiable than improving performance in these critical success factors.

If your situation is a match, this program has a strong, no-nonsense ROI. We can help you put together a bulletproof justification document, backed by a full guarantee.

For whom would Proving Value™ NOT be a good fit?

If you have products with low price points, short sales cycles, or limited customization requirements, we probably can't help you. We are tuned to the needs of sales teams with complex situations involving larger transactions, longer sales cycles, and stiff contract negotiations with larger organizations. If you have any questions, call us: we will be very candid about our ability to help. If we can't help, perhaps we can refer you to someone who can.

*Solution Selling™, Strategic Selling™, CustomerCentric Selling™, SPIN Selling™, and Target Marketing™ (Siebel) are registered trademarks of their respective owners.