How We Can Help

"Less 'junk' makes it onto the forecast. Communication among sales, presales, and management is clearer, easier to understand. Qualification has become less confusing, more common sense.  It is more obvious which opportunities really have business cases, and justify support."

"Our demos zero in on prospect's hottest issues.  Salespeople saw that 'winging it' was hurting them. Now they make sure presales consultants get the ammunition they need for solid presentations and demos."

"We can show prospects what makes us unique from the competition. We can understand each prospect’s situation more clearly, and earlier in the process. Showing that we understand the prospect's situation, and focusing on just the few most important capabilities puts us in a class apart from the other vendors."

"We can compress sales cycles. We can coach prospects into being more specific about evaluation objectives, then identify demonstrable scenarios that would prove success. Evaluations are shorter because we can focus on proving just the capabilities that support these scenarios."

"We are getting much more sales help from our presales consultants. They see the bigger picture and tie our products to important business benefits. Plus, salespeople have better 'eyes and ears on the inside' from working better with presales consultants.

This is the kind of feedback we get from our clients. To learn more about the programs we've created for our clients, click here - or, send us an e-mail to get started right away.