Our Services

TractionBuilders offers a variety of ways to help your salespeople and presales engineers work together as world-class strategic partners to drive more license revenue.

Customized onsite workshops

Proving Value Program™

Solid sales/technical teamwork creates big competitive advantages. You can see it in your most successful teams. But many haven't figured out how or why to use it.  This program instills the best practices of the industry's most successful sales/technical teams. Learn more about the Proving Value Program™ here...

Getting Trusted™

Everybody wants to become the prospect's trusted advisor. And prospects truly want to find experts they can trust. But many unintentionally ruin their chances by misunderstanding how prospects actually develop trust. This one-day workshop shows your people how prospects generate situational trust and gives them the inside track to becoming the most-trusted advisors.

Custom Webinars

When you have an important message to get across, but time pressures and travel constraints make meeting impractical, we can help with a custom webinar. It is a practical, effective approach any time of the quarter or year. Using strategic teamwork for business development, qualification, demos and presentations, preparing for negotiations: whatever the objective, you can add emphasis and a fresh edge when you need it.

Keynote Addresses

A keynote is a great way to shift your team's thinking and get them focused. We have energized and motivated audiences at kickoffs and performance club events around the world.


Specialized help on a temporary basis for special projects. We have assisted on many critical initiatives to shift mindset, produce focus, and generate energy and motivation.

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