The Proving Value Program™

The Proving Value Program™ is for software sales leaders who want to harness more of the potential of the presales role.

The Proving Value Program™ gets more presales engineers to use the natural advantages of their roles, and helps more salespeople turn those advantages into competitive weapons.

Today’s market trends are creating unprecedented challenges for salespeople.

  • Account situations are harder to understand, tougher to qualify.
  • It is harder to differentiate from competition.
  • Sales cycles are getting longer, more expensive, and less predictable.
  • It is more of a struggle to get prospects to commit.Presales engineers are uniquely positioned to help salespeople in each of these critical areas. Your top salespeople already count on them to do it in every account. The problem is that many have not figured out how to make the best use of these potential advantages. 

Objectives of the Program

The goal of the program is to get more presales engineers to use the advantages of their roles to help salespeople find and close more business. The program concentrates on helping them:

  • Get faster, clearer understanding of account situations. To use their credibility, freer access, and prospect candor to help salespeople qualify and focus on the strongest opportunities.
  • Build situational trust – stronger and faster – than the competition. To help them understand how to quickly earn the strongest situational trust at pivotal points in the sales process.
  • Shorten sales cycles by compressing the proof process. To get them to crystallize and nail down the prospects’ real objectives and maintain focus on them to compress evaluations, POC’s, etc.
  • Motivate prospects to commit. To help them create compelling, defensible visions of success while simultaneously lowering their concerns about the risks of getting there.


The program accomplishes these objectives by focusing on three key areas.

Making sure presales engineers understand the bigger picture and think more strategically

  • Make sure they know the value to them of thinking and selling more strategically
  • Make sure they have the perspective they need to play a strategic role
  • Make sure they have the roadmaps and tools needed to play a strategic role

Making sure salespeople know why and how to partner effectively with presales

  • Make sure they know how much it costs them not to work with presales as partners
  • Make sure they know how to partner without losing control or authority

Making it stick, survive and thrive in the field

  • Make it simple, natural and easy to execute in the field, on their own
  • Minimal processes and forms


The structure of the Proving Value Program™ has evolved over time to get the job done with the minimum time out of territory. The best results have come from a two-day onsite workshop preceded by preparation and followed with coaching and reinforcement.

Phases of the Program...