What we Do

We help more sales teams leverage the advantages of the presales role to identify and close more opportunities. 

Top performers already do this. The most successful presales engineers think and sell strategically – and the most successful salespeople work with them as partners.

Consider the following examples:

The best presales engineers can help salespeople read account situations faster and more clearly.

But others don’t pay as much attention to the bigger picture. They miss opportunities to help qualify, understand business value, and avoid time wasters.

We show presales engineers how to use their access and more candid contacts with prospects to help salespeople focus on the best opportunities and build the strongest value propositions.


The best presales engineers help differentiate their teams from the competition by earning the most prospect trust.

But many misunderstand what it takes to earn solid situational trust, mistaking personal rapport for trusted advisor status.

We teach more presales engineers how they can build the strongest possible situational trust, as quickly as possible, to stand out from competition and close more deals. 


The best presales engineers empower prospects to commit by inspiring confidence in success.

But others unknowingly leave unspoken concerns about risks unresolved – concerns that stall or kill deals.

We help more presales engineers build real, solid confidence in success that gets more prospects to commit. 



Finally, the most successful salespeople make the most of these advantages by treating presales engineers as strategic partners.

But too many other salespeople treat presales more like tactical technical resources, to be tightly controlled and loaded to the maximum.

We help more salespeople leverage the presales role to help them focus on the best opportunities, stand out from competition, shorten sales cycles, and turn more sales cycles into revenue.

Tapping into the potential of the presales role has become one of the few remaining strategies that can produce real impact on revenue.

The CEO of a major software company described the impact upon his company this way:

“Simple yet profound adjustments in the critical sales and presales relationship have made our efforts enormously more productive and profitable.”

Also consider the following comment from the leading independent authority on sales performance programs:

“We believe, and our real-world experience in sales engineering corroborates, that shifting even a small portion of the sales training investment budget from traditional sales training and methodologies to sales engineering, or technical sales, can have dramatic returns on investment, of far higher percentages, than traditional sales training.”

That is exactly what we do: turn more presales engineers into powerful sales weapons, giving salespeople more visibility and traction to hit their their revenue targets.

If this is something you are interested in, we have developed a series of programs and services that can help. Find out more about them by clicking here.